Calendar, News, Events, and Meeting Minutes



First Wednesday of every month - Coffee Social - 9 AM, at Panera's in Boulder.
For the remainder of 2023, through November, regular chapter meetings are held at Atonement Lutheran Church
685 Inca Parkway
Boulder, CO 80303.

Date is normally the third Saturday of the month with the meeting starting at 0900. A light breakfast is usually available.

Calendar for the first half of 2023 is:

FEBRUARY 18,2023
Paul Lietz. Speaker. Sub duty
"One man's career and experiences in the United States Nuclear Submarine Service"
Master Chief Lietz, USN (R) is nuclear submarine qualifed. He was born in Salt Lake City; raised in Phoenix; Graduated Bear Creek High School in Lakewood and entered the Navy in early 1971. I was taught how to operate and maintain nuclear reactors and engine rooms on nuclear powered submarines. I qualified on five different nuclear plants and served on three submarines. I was a plank owner on two of the submarines. After a little over 22 years I retired as a Master Chief in mid 1993. I remained in the nuclear field after retirement by working at several government nuclear weapons facilities until finally retiring in 2016. I stayed active in several veteran organizations - five years as president of the 'Colorado E9-ERS Association; current Vice Commander of the 'Rocky Mountains Submarine Base' and 'United Veterans Coalition of Colorado' USSVI representative.

MARCH 18, 2023
Josh Winer, Speaker, MAXAR
MAXAR is a major producer of satellite imagery for civilian and military purposes. Resume and Presentation information coming.

APRIL 15, 2023
CAPT Dwight Dyer, USNR Ret
Brief: ISR Operations in AFG in support of Special Ops
Short Bio 2nd Lt Dyer was commissioned in the USMC in 1971, and served for 6 yrs on active duty and 6 yrs Reserve. When moving to Denver in 1980, the USMC Reserve units were filled with Reservists, so then Capt USMC Dyer transferred to the USNR Intel program at Buckley AFB. As a Marine, Capt Dyer served as a Marine Flight Officer with over 1000 flt hours in the RF4 Phantom and the EA6A Intruder, with deployments aboard the Carrier USS Midway, CV41. The USMC Capt Dyer also served as a Force Recon Platoon Cmdr, and a Forward Air Controller (FAC). As a Navy Reserve Intel O, Navy LT Dyer progressed via the Navy Intel community to serve as Electronic Warfare Analyst, Space Intelligence Analyst and finally to CO of 3 Navy Intel units. During his Navy Reserve years, Dwight Dyer was employed by Lockheed Martin and IBM as a classified Satellite Systems Engineer and an IBM Executive managing classified satellite related programs. CAPT Dyer was recalled as the J6 (Director, Command Control, Computers/Comms) for JTF Nobil Anvil (Kosovo 1999) and as the Deputy Director Intelligence, JTF Southern Watch, Riyadh, SA in 2000. Following his Navy Reserve Retirement and while service in an Executive capacity with IBM Federal Systems, Mr Dyer had the opportunity to return to service as an ISR pilot for the Special Operation Command in 2017 to fly, under contract, the MC12 surveillance aircraft (Army version of the Beechcraft King Air with classified surveillance systems). And that's when another "very excellent adventure" began. Pilot Dyer has accrued more than 6000 flight hours in aircraft ranging from the Marine F4 Phantom and Intruder to the Commercial Learjet and Beechcraft King Air.

MAY 20, 2013
Special Luncheon or Dinner at Venue TBD to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation and Mother's Day

JUNE 17, 2023
Presentor and Program TBD.

JULY 8, 2023
AABC-MOAA Annual Picnic Returns
Beech Picnic Shelter - North Boulder Open Space
DAY Saturday, TIME 1130 Hours to 1430 Hours (11:30 AM to 2:00 PM)
Watch for group IO message or a telephone call with more detail.

On 2 December 2023, AABC will again celebrate the holidays with a luncheon at the Boulder Country Club. More information will be provided as the date gets closer.



Membership Meeting
January 21, 2023 at 9 AM
Atonement Lutheran Church, Boulder

Call to Order
· Pledge of Allegiance (Tom)
· Invocation (Ron)
· Introduction of Guests (Tom/All)
Tom introduced Adam Sutton, Boulder Veteran Services Officer and former Marine, who is our speaker today.

Business Matters - Bower Park Update
Jay has arranged for meetings with the Parks and Recreation Communications team about the text for the Bill Bower plaque and with the P&R Architect and Operations team about our landscape plans. Both meetings should occur in early February. Tom went to a Colorado Springs Daedalian meeting and has been invited to give the Bill Bower presentation to them in March.
Boulder Veteran's Charitable Foundation (BVCF)
Tom noted that most (about 80%) of the donations to the BVCF were from after tax accounts rather than before tax accounts like IRAs.

Breakfast Planning Committee
Tom asked for volunteers to organize the monthly breakfast meals and a small group got together and started the process.

Christmas Luncheon Feedback
Feedback on the Christmas luncheon was generally excellent. However Lee Lawson received two minor complaints that we will try to remedy next year: 1) we didn't schedule a break to move from the social hour to the dining room and as a result, the meals were not served hot enough; and 2) the coffee service during the program and dessert was too limited. Gary pointed out another two problems which we will also address: 1) the business meeting started after the meal had already been served so meals became cold while members participated in early meeting activities such as the Pledge of Allegiance, the Invocation, and the Introduction of Guests. Thus, we should consider re-scheduling the start of the business meeting or when lunch is served so members can eat a hot meal; and 2) we should consider another type of beef entre, as the more expensive tenderloin pieces were quite small.

Update on Members - Gary Reid
Gary brought us up to date on the status of some members we have lost touch with during the pandemic. He suggested we should be doing more to reach out to members, particularly older members, to find out about their health issues and if there is anything the Chapter could do to assist them. Tom added that historically, the Callers have been counted on for that type feedback but fewer and fewer people answer their phones anymore and very few respond to voicemail so we need to find other ways to stay in touch.

Treasurer's Report - Gary Reid
Gary reported that the chapter was financially healthy and had a significant amount of money accumulated for the Bill Bower Park project.

Social events
Buddy Holly Story last Saturday at BDT Stage (we had a great time.)
Monthly Coffee - next meeting on February 1st at 9 AM at Panera's
Next Membership Meeting here at Atonement on February 18th

Speaker - Adam Sutton
Adam is the Veterans Service Officer for Boulder County and a USMC veteran with more than 10 years of experience managing veteran service programs. He helps veterans obtain benefits and services through the VA. He gave an excellent presentation to help us understand the recently-enacted PACT Act (Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics) and the health and benefit services enabled by that Act. To see the full text of the Act, see this link:


The BVM, in collaboration with the AABC, previously had a special exhibit honoring Admiral Arleigh A Burke that displayed many artifacts associated with his life - growing up in Boulder, his significant command experiences in WW II where he acquired the nickname "31 Knot Burke" and his achievements during a long tenure as CNO. This temporary exhibit ran from May 2021 until September 2021.

See the following links to download videos associated with this exhibit. All are 1080HD MP4 files which can be opened on your computer or other device after downloading.

Click following link to download long playing video (5GB file):

Click following links for some excerpted highlights in shorter segments: MOAA AABC SPEAKER SCHEDULE

A long term Speaker Schedule has not been established. Notification of monthly program will be by group IO message. Notification will be by message board email.